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Texas Instruments Partnership

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Continuing a long partnership that included providing computers for more than 100 students, Texas Instruments and NavajoStrong have had wonderful opportunities to collaborate on projects in the Navajo Nation.


Texas Instruments has very generously donated a Math and Science Foundation Grant to the San Juan County School District, which will provide AP programs for students. We’re incredibly grateful for the lasting impact this will have on the community.

Texas Instruments and NavajoStrong also partnered for a STEM Cart Project, bringing creative educational carts to elementary school classrooms so students can have hands-on experiences with science, technology, engineering, and math. They also brought robot kits to students, and they had presentations led by TI engineers and professionals. It was a very impactful project. One student said she decided to become an engineer that day.


Additionally, TI and Navajo Strong provide support items for a veterans group in Monument Valley, including gloves, paper products, and sanitizing wipes. NavajoStrong has provided firewood and emergency supplies in past distributions to veterans and elders in the area. 


While we make these visits, we’d like to include gifts including water, folding chairs for elders and tent canopies for farm workers. Please join us in supporting these donations if you’d like to be involved.

Thank you! Ahéhee

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