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Texas Instruments Partnership

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Continuing a long partnership that included providing computers for more than 100 students, Texas Instruments and NavajoStrong are collaborating for a visit to the Navajo Nation. 


Included will be a visit to the San Juan County School District, which serves several schools in the Navajo Nation. Texas Instruments has very generously donated a Math and Science Foundation Grant to the school district, which will provide AP programs for students. We’re incredibly grateful for the lasting impact this will have on the community.


Additionally, TI and Navajo Strong will visit with a veterans group in Monument Valley to discuss ways to support veterans from the Navajo community. NavajoStrong has provided firewood and emergency supplies in past distributions to veterans and elders in the area. 


There will also be a visit to the Northern Navajo Farm Revitalization Project in Shiprock, where TI will hear from farmers about issues including the need for farming, and cleaning up soil contamination. 


While we make these visits, we’d like to include gifts including water, folding chairs for elders and tent canopies for farm workers. Please join us in supporting these donations if you’d like to be involved.

Thank you! Ahéhee

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