Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i choose Ipandamandarin as there are many mandarin platform?

yes, there are so many platform to choose, maybe cheaper than us, but 1. Ipanda allows you to practice online with native speakers using your computer, mobile or tablet. Sign up, choose your tutor and start learning! 2. Our tutors are all from native speaker with certificate to teach chinese, so you will enjoy our professional mandarin chinese lessons! 3. Have fun learning while you keep track of your progress! we have many tops to choose such as, idoms, story, culture, food, architecture, music 4. Set your own pace. Ipandamandarin provides customizable education courses to ensure that you learn at a pace you’re are familiar with. You won’t be lagging behind in coursework as you’ll always be working at your own pace.

How does our Chinese platform work?

After you register and log in on your browser in your computer, phone or tablet, choose the course you wish to practice with, payment, book your schedule and start learning mandarin in no time. After each lesson, you will be assessed by our team. You may also share your feedback to keep the tutor quality at a higher level.

How much training do I need?

We know that practice makes perfect so we recommend that you practice as regularly as possible. We also recommend that you keep practicing daily even after you have achieved your goals since language skills tend to fade away without practice. If you set a short-term goal, you should also be practicing regularly for 3-6 months depending on your progress. When you reach the level of English you’re comfortable with, you could always keep practicing with a lower tempo package in order to maintain your skills.

I have prior Mandarin speaking experience. Are there tutors for me?

Ipanda Mandarin works with highly adaptable tutors for various levels of chinese. They are experienced in working with both beginner and advanced level of students and will guide you accordingly.

Who do I contact for support?

Our support team is always available via live chat or email. We will contact you within 48 hours for any issues.

What should I do when I don’t understand what the tutor’s saying?

You can always make use of the translation tool during a session to get a better understanding of new words and phrases.

How do I get started?

Choose the most suitable package from our “courses” page, select price plan, schedule your time and you’ll be ready to start practicing in no time.

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