Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help with essential supplies?

Please visit our NavajoStrong Relief form page. There are a lot of people who want to help so here are a few OTHER GROUPS and ORGANIZATIONS HELPING THE NAVAJO RESERVATION, please reach out to them for help! They might get to you faster!

Northern Diné COVID 19 Relief Effort
English 505-226-3073 or Navajo 505-427-0084
Their form:

or call Pete 435.678.0709.

Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Help Request Form


We are working hard to get the much-needed supplies to the people who need it most! The elderly, the family with no running water or electricity, those who cannot leave their home due to COVID-19, those who are high risk, etc. We will try to get to everyone who fills one out but we may have to prioritize to those who have the greater need and that live in remote areas that do not have close access to stores.

When will I get my essential supply bin?

It depends on a lot of factors including number of volunteers, supplies and travel restrictions but it might be a couple of weeks as we only has only a handful of people to do deliveries. Sanitizing the bins correctly is important and can be time consuming. We are working to expand our operations every day. We will text you or call the day before or the day of the deliveries to your area.

I've filled out a form but have not heard from anyone about it.

We are a handful of volunteers, doing our best to help. We might have your information and will be gearing up to come to you soon or perhaps you have filled out a form on someone else's site and organization. fill out another form if you are uncertain at our relief request page If you are sure you have filled one out and haven't heard from us, we're working on getting to you!

How can I help?

Please visit our "Get Involved" and "Volunteer" pages. You can also visit our current our #NavajoStrong for Navajo Nation fundraiser. We are looking for volunteers in all capacities! NavajoStrong is growing by the day! We need help with delivering, sorting, sanitizing and assembling bins. On or near the Navajo reservation. We are also looking for volunteers to shop, collect items, and pick up items to be transported to the reservation. We are looking for people to donate trucks and trailers for weekend use. And we are looking for volunteers who are interested in business administration, marketing, data, entrepreneurship, web design and social media management." For the volunteers delivering: We will provide you with proper PPE and train you on proper procedures to deliver safely. We will reimburse you for gas, lunch and/or dinner, provided that you produce a valid receipt."

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